Bennie and Rhett Beutler


Longtime PRCA stock contractor Bennie Beutler and his son, Rhett, joined forces in 2001 to form the Beutler and Son Rodeo Company. It had formerly been known as Beutler and Gaylord Rodeo Co., from 1989 to 2001. The Beutler name has been synonymous with the stock contracting business since 1929. Bennie’s grandfather, Elra, and his great uncles, Jake and Lynn, began supplying stock to Oklahoma and Texas rodeos

more than 70 years ago.


Randy Corley


The smooth manner by which Randy Corley portrays the action taking place in the arena has made him one of the top announcers on the road today. His friendliness will make you feel as if he is sitting right next to you discussing the
rodeo. His enthusiasm and excitement, as the level of competition rises, will have you sitting on the edge of your seat. All of these attributes have earned him numerous awards and honors over the past 37 years of announcing rodeos.

At the top of these awards would be selected as “Announcer of the Year” for a record-setting twelve times. He has announced the Ram National Circuit Finals and the various Cup Finales and Playoff Series throughout the various formats of
competition set forth by the PRCA. He has had the honor of announcing the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo sixteen times. Following each performance of the WNFR, he can be found on stage at the South Point Hotel, Casino, & Spa at the popular Montana Silversmith “Go Round Award Presentation”.

Randy has three daughters and a son. His wife, Michelle travels with him, often working as a PRCA timer. Their free time will often find them golfing, traveling, or catching a Seattle Seahawk or Mariner game!

Evan Allard

"From the time I was a little kid --  I was fascinated by the rodeo, the bulls - and particularly the role of the rodeo clown.  As I got old enough to really explore my interest -- I discovered the sport of freestyle bullfighting and instantly knew that it was something I had to do...I signed up for a bullfighting school -- loved the class -- and immediately started entering as many bullfights as I possibly could." Allard said.


Jake Ostrum

Predator Rodeo Productions, LLC, established in 2006 by Jake Ostrum of Woodstown, New Jersey is in the business of rodeo show business. Offering a wide variety of event and production opportunities is what Predator Rodeo Productions knows best. Specializing in Rodeo Music and Video Production, Live Sound, Event Marketing, and Corporate Events.

Robbie Hodges


Robbie has created an experience unlike any other for rodeo fans across the world. As the hottest barrelman and rodeo clown going down the road today, Robbie has used his quick wit and loveable personality to reach crowds on a personal level. His off the cuff, no script, and hilarious banter has given the new rodeo fans something new to enjoy about rodeos. How does he do it? He is genuine and loves entertaining people, especially children.

Prairie Smoke

Prairie Smoke will be performing after the performances on Friday and Saturday nights.  The dance is free with your rodeo ticket.  Stay and listen to their classic and red dirt country.

Wacey Munsell

Professional Bullfighter 


Ulysses is located in the heart of the wind swept prairies of southwestern Kansas and that's where veteran pro rodeo bullfighter Wacey Munsell calls home. You could say that rodeo bullfighting is in the blood as it goes back three generations in the Munsell family. Wacey began honing his skills from the time he started walking; literally. No person or animal was safe from Wacey. He would continually pester them to be his pretend bull. When no one was around, imagination took over. Like a boxer will shadow box, Wacey would shadow fight the great bulls he grew up watching. Bulls like Ol' Red, Purple People Eater and Crooked Nose. He’s a freestyle bullfighting world champion multiple times over, and has won nearly every prestigious event during his time as a competitor. Now with 15 years experience as a professional in the PRCA, he is one of the top bullfighters in the game. He's seen working many of the major PRCA rodeos across the United States including Denver, Tucson, Greeley, and Dodge City. He has been voted nine times to the Ram Prairie Circuit Finals Rodeo. A dream came true in December of 2018. He was called to work nine performances of the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas, Nevada; filling in for an injured Nate Jestes. The 33 year old says that he really never felt nervous at the premier rodeo in the world. How? He says “I have visualized myself in that arena working every situation imaginable since I can remember. When you visualize yourself there for a lifetime; nerves shouldn’t be an issue.” It was an experience he will never forget and looks forward to the possibility of returning to the sports premier event.